Like the different forms of entertainment, fashion unfolds in various ways and is quite dynamic. Different people have varying levels of taste and preference for fashion as it has a greater role to play in society. Specific games come with their own fashion and even learning institutions such as schools and colleges are not left out. It has become common for schools to incorporate elements of fashion in school ties as well as other clothing.

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In this day and age, one is judged by their clothing and appearance. This may be intentional or unintentional but society often forms opinions about people based on their style of dress. This is one of the main reasons why people make most of their choices when it comes to fashion.

Society's view of fashion

An individual's personal style says a lot about them and how others portray them. A person in a suit is more likely to be portrayed positively for a job interview as opposed to another with a t-shirt and jeans. Although there are chances that the latter may be more qualified, it is all about perception. This view ties in with the importance of fashion in society's view.

Fashion does not only consist of the clothes chosen by one each morning as they go about their daily routine but that is just the last step of a much larger process. Various elements are involved including advertising campaigns, celebrity lifestyles, blue-chip companies and even federal trade agreements. It generates a buzz that is irresistible to men and women of all ages.

Sense of interest

In several ways, fashion adds a sense of colour, beauty and overall interest in society. It allows different sets of cultures and people from different parts of the world to express themselves physically. Some believe fashion to be some form of freedom where you are allowed to express yourself and tell the world who you are.

Career opportunities

There is a wide variety of numerous opportunities that goes beyond the physical appearance of a human being. Fashion brings forth creativity, originality and competition to the table. Those who are more interested in such are able to build solid careers and show the world their creativity though iconic art in the form of fashion.


Unlike style, fashion does not fade. It has been there for centuries and will continue to evolve by the day. Trends may change and you may not find those bell bottoms in your closet appealing any more but you can redefine yourself through fashion.

A form of communication

In the long run, fashion is ultimately very important as it is a firm of communication. You are communicating to the word who you are and what is of importance to you. In addition to personal choice and preference, fashion can also be influenced by society, culture, weather and even the environment. By looking at the way an individual is dressed, you can deduce a thing or two about who they are and what society they live in. It is important to be aware about the impact and role of fashion in the current society.